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John Akomfrah interviewed by Devika Girish

Olivier Assayas, Cinema in the Present Tense

Rosa Barba on Expanding Cinema and Three Films to Pack for Outer Space

Dodie Bellamy on The Letters of Mina Harker

Diane Burns, Alphabet City Serenade

Ingrid Caven, Air du Rat

Donatella Di Cesare on the Breathing Catastrophe

Kevin Jerome Everson on Filmmaking During the Pandemic

Keegan Fong, Kitchen Sink Soba + TAMPOPO

Carolyn Funk, SHOWINGS

Amy Heller, Canon Fodder

Armando Hernández, Noches de oscuros: Mexican Horror Obscurities, 1960s–1990s

Jia Zhangke, Downtime & The Long Take

Patrick Keating, Figueroa’s Lines

Ross Lipman, The Archival Impermanence Project, or: Performing Cinema in the Age of the Death of Everything

Sylvère Lotringer: The Man Who Disappeared

László Nemes on Cinema v. Television and the Historical  Draw of Subjective Narration


Nuke Watch, NWSR

Cecilia Pavón, Galaxy of Three

Adam Piron, Pure Legend: Dispatch from an Incomplete Search for the DeMille Indians

Jennifer Reeder, FROM SUSPIRIA TO SAINT MAUD: 20 Twisted Tales About Wicked Women

Anthony Richmond on One Plus One, Don’t Look Now, Candyman, Tales from the Hood, and 60s Hammer Horror

Emilie Sannom + Itch Princess, Her Fear of Death Was Not So Great

Chef Jazz Singsanong, Thai Pumpkin 3 Ways

Daniel Spaulding, Sayre Gomez: Hilarity Ensues

Ed Steck, The House by the Cemetery / Beyond the Door

Courtney Stephens, The elm, the oak, the deer, and the City of the wicked

Sandi Tan, 10 Soundtracks

Masha Tupitsyn, DECADES: 80s

Penelope Uribe-Abee, Sopa de Fideo, The Kid, and Modern Times

Sophie Weil, Dove Cove’s Halloween Mix

Billy Wilder, The Art of Little Ruses